Did you realize that a staggering 90% of US parking lots are overlaid with asphalt? This versatile material is extensively used to pave American highways, streets, parking spaces, walking and cycling trails, and airports. At present, the US hosts roughly 3,500 companies dedicated to asphalt production, providing the necessary resources to maintain the vast expanse of over 4.1 million miles of public roadways in the country.

In this context, Marini Paving and Masonry provides premier asphalt surfacing services in three critical sectors:

  1. Residential
  2. Commercial
  3. Industrial

If you possess any land areas that require paving, such as driveways or parking lots, Marini Paving and Masonry is at your service. Let’s explore how our Delaware County-based team can support your next asphalt surfacing project.


Marini Paving and Masonry is adept at handling residential paving projects, predominantly driveways. Our team can help in various scenarios, including:

  • Transforming a rocky driveway into a smooth surface suitable for parking and driving.
  • Expanding an existing driveway for additional parking space.
  • Constructing a brand-new driveway on your newly acquired farm or estate.

Choosing Marini Paving and Masonry guarantees you’ll work with a seasoned, qualified company equipped with the right skills, tools, and a proficient excavation & planning team. Our goal is to deliver a durable, smooth, and long-lasting driveway.

Moreover, we also offer driveway resurfacing services. Over time, driveways and parking lots can deteriorate due to various factors, such as:

  • Extreme temperatures
  • Snow, ice, and hail
  • Road salt
  • Engine oil and gasoline
  • Intense sunshine

Our team is skilled in restoring such damaged driveways, providing a resilient and water-resistant surface that endures for years.


Marini Paving and Masonry also excels in commercial asphalt surfacing jobs. We offer a variety of services, including:

  • Paving new parking lots and driveways for commercial retail or office spaces.
  • Entirely resurfacing existing driveways or parking lots for commercial facilities.
  • Repairing damaged surfaces on commercial sites.
  • Providing preventive maintenance for commercial businesses to prolong the life of their surfaces.

We pride ourselves on our professional approach, from the initial estimation to job completion, ensuring your asphalt surfacing job is done right. We aim for durable, aesthetically pleasing results, delivered promptly, without disturbing your employees, customers, or guests.


Industrial paving projects often surpass the scale and complexity of commercial tasks, serving businesses like:

  • Factories
  • Airports
  • Shipyards
  • Power plants
  • Chemical plants
  • Construction sites

Such large-scale projects require a seasoned team like Marini Paving and Masonry. Our focus is on timely completion, adhering to budgets, and providing impeccable results.

Industrial paving jobs include new asphalt surfacing, resurfacing existing sites, repairing damaged surfaces, and ensuring the durability of asphalt surfaces.


Maintenance is crucial to the longevity of asphalt surfaces. As such, Marini Paving and Masonry offers professional asphalt surface maintenance services.

Ask yourself these questions when considering asphalt surface maintenance:

  • Are your current asphalt surfaces smooth, durable, and free of cracks?
  • Have weather conditions affected the smoothness of your driveway or parking lot?
  • Do you have a maintenance plan for your surfaces?
  • Are you ready to tackle damage issues before they ruin your asphalt areas?
  • Are you prepared to repair cracks, correct drainage issues, or prevent potholes?

If any of these questions leave you unsure, it’s time to consult


Marini Paving and Masonry. Our team of experts offers a free parking lot analysis, which includes a detailed report of any existing or potential issues and recommendations to prolong the life of your surface.

Understanding the paving process and maintaining your new surface is a breeze with Marini Paving and Masonry. We ensure correct paving specifications, proper grading, and the correct application of asphalt. After your paving project, we recommend not driving on the surface for at least three days, keeping soil away from the edges, avoiding driving off the driveway edges, not parking vehicles with fuel or gas leaks on the surface, and keeping the vehicle moving when turning the steering wheel.

Marini Paving and Masonry is the trusted choice for all your asphalt surfacing needs, whether residential, commercial, or industrial. Let’s take the first step together towards your next successful paving project.


Q1: What are the main services provided by Marini Paving and Masonry? A1: We offer comprehensive paving services, including new asphalt surfacing, resurfacing, repairing, and maintaining residential, commercial, and industrial driveways and parking lots.

Q2: What makes Marini Paving and Masonry stand out from other paving contractors? A2: Our commitment to excellence, professionalism, and customer satisfaction sets us apart. We are equipped with years of experience, the right skillset, and advanced equipment.

Q3: How soon can I use my newly paved driveway? A3: We advise not driving on the new surface for at least three days to allow the asphalt to set properly.

Q4: Do you provide asphalt maintenance tips and services? A4: Yes, we not only provide tips to help extend the durability of your paved surfaces but also offer professional asphalt surface maintenance services.

Q5: How do I get started with my paving project? A5: Contact us for a free parking lot analysis, which includes a site visit by our technicians to assess any issues and provide recommendations.