Still the preferred choice for many people, asphalt can last for two or more decades, if well laid and well maintained. Stone base is generally “Item 4” gravel or crusher limestone, as these aggregates offer the best compaction and drainage qualities. Asphalt is generally available in two grades. A mix called “Class 2” is the grade recommended by the industry. The other type is “Driveway Mix,” which provides a smoother, more attractive finish, but is not as durable as Class 2. In general, a 4” – 8″ base, topped with 2″ of asphalt meets most needs.


We work with an array of masonry products: Paving Stones, Granite, Bluestones, Bricks, Flagstones, New England Field Stones, Nicolock, Stamped Concrete and Exposed Aggregate. From cobblestone to flagstone, paving stones come in scores of shapes and colors to create exactly the right personality for your home. Moreover, paving stones capture the warmth, charm and ambiance that poured concrete just can’t touch. Stone is forever!

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