Visiting your business, the first thing your customers notice is your driveway. A well-kept driveway creates a positive first impression. On the other hand, a driveway full of cracks and potholes may send a negative message. At Marini Paving and Masonry, we understand this and offer solutions to keep your driveway in top condition.

Despite regular maintenance, it’s impossible to avoid damage from harsh weather conditions or persistent plants. That’s why you need the professional services of Marini Paving and Masonry. We strive to make your driveway visually appealing and structurally sound, ensuring your business always looks its best.

  1. Cracked Driveway? Driveway cracks are common, especially in cold weather areas where ice can cause the asphalt to split. While minor cracks can be patched up, they could eventually widen and require major repairs. Various types of cracks can occur:
    • Longitudinal: These cracks run the length of the driveway.
    • Transverse: These run across the driveway.
    • Alligator: These overlapping cracks resemble alligator scales and can lead to large chunks of the driveway loosening and forming potholes.

Ignoring cracks can lead to bigger problems. If you notice major cracks, it might be time for a driveway replacement. Regular checks can help maintain your driveway in good condition. Contact Marini Paving and Masonry for a free quote!

  1. Potholes? If unnoticed or ignored, cracks can widen into potholes, damaging the driveway structure and posing a danger to your customers and their vehicles. When potholes become too big, it’s a sign that the driveway’s base is compromised and may need replacement.
  2. Standing Water? Water pooling on your driveway indicates a drainage problem. Over time, depressions can form on the asphalt where water gathers. This can cause more damage, especially if there are nearby cracks. Ideally, an asphalt driveway should be slightly sloped for proper water runoff. If you notice standing water, it’s time to get your driveway inspected.
  3. Raveling? This happens when asphalt materials come loose, forming pits, chips, or loose asphalt pieces. If not addressed, the asphalt will become rough and may crumble. At the first sign of raveling, call a paving contractor like Marini Paving and Masonry for assessment.
  4. Faded Driveway? UV rays can bleach your asphalt, causing it to fade over time. This can weaken the asphalt’s bonding, causing raveling or cracks. Regular resealing can slow this process, but eventually, sun damage will cause some deterioration.

Driveways face a lot of wear and tear daily. From UV rays to leaked car fluids, various factors can cause surface distress. When you need a new commercial asphalt driveway or parking lot, Marini Paving and Masonry is ready to help. Contact us for a free quote today!